Impact Of Online Classes On Students

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Covid 19 has shown as a new era where most of the working is operated home our homes, students are learning from their beds and workers are working indoors. Due to the safety guidelines given by the government, most of us were quarantined and had to stay inside our houses because it was not just safe for us but also for the people around us. It was our duty to maintain those guidelines because it will help us minimize the spread of covid 19 or the coronavirus. Now, it may sound nice to sit and relax in your pajamas at home while you work or learn but most of the time that’s not the case.

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People may be physically relaxed because you don’t have to go out and go to your offices or schools but you have spent most of your time in front of the screen. Because in long run you realize that there are some challenges and difficulties you face while working online and that affects solely your mental health.

Effects of online working have affected children more because they are in a growing stage. Sitting in front of the cameras and listening to their teachers and friends without human interaction can cause serious mental and health problems. When I say health from, what I mean is that in the growing stage they are not allowed to go outside and play with their friends or even visit a park. Sitting in front of computers or mobile phones gets them in contact with the UV rays, which badly affects the eyes.

Mentally tired will also make you physically tired. A new term has emerged during the Covid era is known as “zoom fatigue”. Zoom is one of the most-used apps for online classes and conferences. Zoom fatigue refers to a situation where you are mentally drained after long hours of classes or conferences from a screen. Virtual learning fatigue is real and can lead to multiple health issues like anxiety, depression, and many others.

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I still miss my school days and I am thankful that I completed my schooling before Covid 19. School is not just the place where you get an education, it is a place where you build your personality, where you make lifetime friends and memories. But nowadays students don’t even remember the names of their new classmates because they have never interacted face to face with them. The only time they see each other is during their classes and that too is on a small screen.

The bigger challenge faced by the students who take their classes online is that their schedules are messed up, as in before this era every student used to follow a proper schedule during their school day. Schedule time to wake up, time to go to school, lunchtime with friends, and extra-curricular activities like joining a club, having time to time physical education classes, and coming back home and doing homework and self-study. But now things cannot go like they used to and concentrating in online classes has now become a challenge. Distraction at home makes it difficult for a child to separate home life and class time and not being able to follow the routine schedule does not help either.

Parents have to play a very important role in the growth of a child and now their work has increased twofold because now they not only have to take care of their child’s health but to also help him/her to have a proper social life.

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